Hans & Franz Biergarten

Our German main dishes.

Schweinehaxe  (Pork Shank)  $22.95
We carefully work with our butcher to get as many as    possible of the same weight shanks,

preferably from eighty pound pigs. The shanks are soaked for days in a brine, then cooked in a broth with vegetables.   

              Finished in the oven for browning. Super tender. 

Beef Roulade  $15.95
 Thinly sliced and rolled piece of top round of beef. Stuffed with bacon, German gherkins and red onions.
Served with its own gravy and your choice of two sides.
Extra Roulade with your order only $ 4.95

Sauerbraten  $18.95
Plain translation for this delicious dish is “sour roast”.  

  Before cooking, the cut of meat is marinated for several days in a mixture of vinegar and red wine, water, herbs, spices and seasonings. Sauerbraten is being regarded as one of Germany’s national dishes.

Gefuellter Schweinebauch  (Stuffed Pork Belly)  $18.95
This is a rare to find item in any German Restaurant. It takes a skilled chef to prepare this dish.   

                       We take the leanest part of the belly, carefully separate the layer and stuff it with a mixture of ground meats,         herbs and vegetables. We then close the belly with needle and thread, and let it roast in the oven until the outside is crispy and the inside tender, then glaze it with its own juices.


Hans & Franz Kotelett $15.95
Two marinated, grilled center cut pork chops. 

 Served with your choice of two sides.

Kasseler Rippchen 
Kasseler rippchen are pork chops that have been cured in a salt brine, and then are being smoked.
Served with your choice of two side dishes. 

Pork Stroganoff 
Delicious blend of onions, pork, mushrooms, spices, in a white sauce.
Served over Belgium fries or spaetzle. 

A German specialty, fire roasted half chicken served with pommes frites and apple sauce. 

Wiener Style Schnitzel 
One breaded pork cutlet, pan seared and served with your choice of two sides.
Holstein Style - (Topped with a Fried Egg)  Add $1.00
Jaeger Sauce - (Mushroom-Onion Sauce)  Add $2.50

Bayerischer Fleischkaese 
Bavarian style beef, pork and veal meatloaf (looks like   bologna), grilled and topped with onion sauce.
 Served with choice of two sides.  Also available Holstein Style - (Topped with a Fried Egg)  Add $1.00

Sides: Spaetzle, Fries, Bratkartoffeln, Cucumber Salad, Cole Slaw or Potato Salad.
Rotkraut with Apples or Sauerkraut,  English Peas and Carrots . Extra side $ 2.95