Hans & Franz Biergarten

Wurst / Sausages 

Bavarian Sampler Plate  $19.95
Meat lovers paradise! Grilled pork chop, with Weisswurst and Bratwurst, drizzled with spicy mustard and   curry ketchup.

Hans & Franz Wurst Teller  $18.95
Grilled Bauernwurst, Weisswurst and Bratwurst.   Drizzled with spicy mustard and curry ketchup.         

Served with choice of two sides."A sausage lovers delight" 

Curry Wurst  $8.95
Germany's famous grilled Weisswurst or Bratwurst with curry ketchup. Served in a German hard roll with fries. 

Wienerwurst  $9.95
A pair of original Vienna Sausages (Knackwurst) made from pork and beef with a choice of two sides. 

Munchner Weisswurst  $8.95
Boiled Weisswurst
(Veal and Pork sausage, flavored with onions and fresh parsley ).

Munich’s favorite sausage, served on a hard roll with fries